Thursday, 26 January 2012

Dean Rees - A True Star

Fig 1. Dean Rees in concert.
Dean Rees - One thing is sure, if Dean Rees turns up to play then ticket fraud is likely to be an issue such is the popularity of this keyboard maestro. Dean Rees is usually known for his keyboard work in the legendary UK band, Humble Pie a band that was one of rock & rolls premiere super groups. (Steve Marriott and Peter Frampton were also star members of this fine band.) Now, Dean Rees has released a solo project called, "Sweet Felicity Arkwright", a great mixture of rock, funk, blues and soul.

Keyboard lovers will like this one too because Dean Rees plays the organ like you remember it could be played. Some of the standout cuts here are "Heavy Rain"; the wonderful "Taken A Hold On Me"; and the rocker "Slide Rider".

So, if the rock still moves you check this one out!


  1. Dean and Sweet FA rocks all day long

  2. Yea he does! you seen this article - where did he go?